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10 Fresh Magento Themes to Become a Sensation in 2017

You’ve come up with the idea of creating a modern website for your unique business. Maybe you even know how you want your website to look like. Great! You’re half the journey. Now it’s the most interesting part – to choose right web design that fits well with your unique business. To help you do this, we’ve compiled 10 Fresh Magento Themes to give leg up you need to succeed. Believe us, you’re going to love it. Especially considering the fact that developed by TemplateMonster, they form the way to have your business grow. Let TemplateMonster help you create a fresh Magento design to work with the most complex business needs.

Why Magento?

When it comes to creating an e-Commerce website, you need to think of having the best scalable CMS platform that will set your site up and continue run smoothly and successfully. Think twice what custom features will give you advantages over your competitors. Thus, if you need flexibility, more up-to-date functionality, and regular innovation, go Magento. If you are serious about improving your e-Commerce web presence, Magento is the best solution that allows you dream big and scale up in the future. Recognized as the market leader amongst e-Commerce platforms, Magento has a lot to offer. Like it or not, but it would be in your interest to choose Magento platform to make your life easier from the start. The core product is good, open source, scalable, SEO-friendly and secure platform that gives you the best way to accomplish your business goals. What more could you ask for? All right, maybe a free 24/7 custom support gives additional benefit.

Now What?

What does success look like? We’ll tell you the secret. It looks like this collection of 10 fresh Magento themes. Really, that’s it. Feast your eyes on these fresh designs and find some remarkable benefits for your business. Any of these 10 fresh Magento themes have something special for every type of business, small or big. Designed to enhance the performance and functionality of your site, these fresh templates offer a plethora of options to help in the overall growth of your business. You may have a certain design in your mind for your web project. Great! Choose the most suitable fresh Magento theme to match your particular needs. TM Service Center will help you to get the best of both worlds. In the end, you’ll get a clean and clear advantage of your fresh design that is going to be perfect right for your needs and your audience’s tastes.

Besides, you can always get more of fresh and beautiful Magento themes worth your attention. You’ll find them attractive and much creative for sure. So dive in, and let the journey begin. Feel inspired!

1. Grand Bridal Responsive Magento Theme


2. Hard Gainer – Sports Nutrition Store Responsive Magento Theme

Hard Gainer – Sports Nutrition Store Responsive Magento Theme


3. Mohawk – Online Store Bootstrap Magento Theme

Mohawk – Online Store Bootstrap Magento Theme


4. F2 – Fashion Boutique Magento2 Theme

Boutique Magento Theme


5. Kernippi – Apparel Store Responsive Magento2 Theme


6. Snuficco – Tobacco and Cigars Online Store Responsive Magento Theme

Store Magento 2 Theme


7. AccessShop PRO Magento Theme

Accessshop Magento Theme


8. Tristate – Office Furniture Responsive Magento2 Theme

Office Furniture Responsive Magento 2 Theme Magento Theme


9. ComShop – Computer Online Store Magento Theme


10. Magetique – Fashion Multipurpose Magento2 Theme


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