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Mattress Myths Busted

Buying a new mattress is like buying a new cell phone, comparing prices and features available. Analyzing the add-ons available with the new and updated versions of designs and materials. Purchasing a mattress is not a frequent thing so you have to gather a lot of common sense and a checklist to get you home a perfect sleep. There is no sleep expertise needed to sell a mattress so before entering a showroom you need to survey the options available. Online reviews on this site might help you take a better decision. Before buying a new mattress please take note of the four common myths that will help you take a smart buying decision for the next mattress.

1)   Replace the mattress every 8 years

Its commonly recommended to replace the mattress every 7-8 years but it largely depends on the wear and tear as to when the replacement is needed. If it is well maintained and cleaned regularly, the mattress can last longer and vice versa if its uncomfortable to sleep on, its time for a change.

2)   More the firmness, better is the mattress

The firmness of the mattress should deliver both support and comfort. If a mattress is too soft it gives you comfort but not enough support. If its too hard it will support your body but might give pressure pains due to less comfort. Therefore it is better to take a medium firm mattress which provides adequate support and comfort to your body.

3)   Mattress should be flipped every few months

The make of most of the mattresses is such that they are one sided. So flipping the mattress would not serve the purpose you took it for and will not increase it's life. It is recommended to rotate the mattress every few months to prevent formation of body impressions. You can also change sleeping positions to increase the area under use.

4)    Higher the price, better is the mattress

More expensive beds may use durable materials or fancy designs but they don't assure a comfortable bed. The level of support and comfort should be well surveyed. Higher price does not guarantee a good sleep. You should look for both quality and comfort a mattress offers. The mere mention of brand labels may hamper your sleep and yet fall out of your budget.


The above myths are the basic followed commonly among new buyers. Apart from these buyers should make a note of longer warranty will not guarantee a longer used mattress. Each mattress has its own life-term depending on the wear and tear of it. Mattress will not be bang on comfortable the first time you sleep on. your body will take time to adjust to the firmness of a new mattress. Any mattress that is comfortable for you to sleep will automatically reduce the tossing and turning during sleep. So there is no tag attached to a no tossing and turning mattress. I hope I have created a myth buster that will prevent you from choosing a wrong mattress and ending up with sleepless nights. So go on and shop for peaceful dreams.

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