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No confusion, I should have wrote a little more,
Your documentation for Slider pro is as follows:-
1. Click Add slider
2. Click Add banner
3. Copy and paste the following code, you have an image file from which you want users to copy and paste from, I took the liberty and provided actual code which you can cut, copy and paste.

Plus I have noticed that a lot of slider pro customers are messing up the installation, if there are conditions and variables to check before installation you might want to add a “Installation” section to your documentation, what the hell you need to add more to your documentation full stop, there is no information whatsoever on configuration, you have stated in some post’s that we should learn from the demo, well the demo teaches me nothing as it does not tell me what settings to change where to get a pretty little demo like the one you ask me to learn from.
Your documentation for slider pro is so short, Steps 1 2 and 3 all of which I could have guessed without any documentation. What I need to know is how to install correctly and how to configure correctly.
And finally please check your email configuration, I have sent emails from Live mail, Yahoo Mail and my own domain, all have come up with an error indicating failure to deliver. I need to send you my login details please.

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