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Alignment of banners in the Homepage Middle Banners block

Home Support Free Theme: Access Shop Alignment of banners in the Homepage Middle Banners block

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    I am new to magento however I need to implement it on our site and I found your theme and love it.
    I am having some trouble with the promotional banners lining up correctly. For some reason my “promote-sidebar-right” banner is not in alignment with my “large-promotional-banner” image.
    What can I do to bring the right promotional banner down in alignment with the left, and have my featured products be 5 across instead of 4?
    Image of my front page below:

    Thank you for your response in advance.


    Hi There,

    That is not just alignment you need to add contents above that sidebar in the right.




    Hi and thank you for a quick response.
    I dont know if I follow quite what you mean.
    I do have 5 objects listed in favorites, however the webpage only displays 4 across, and the spot where I want the fifth to go, has the “Promote-sidebar-right”, in its place. the whole page is narrowed in and not filling the screen. Below that sidebar right image, is blank space the whole way down to the footer area.
    If you look at this site to compare: their categories span 5 across and the large promotional banner and right sidebar image are completely aligned, and their page is “full” from left to right, without the blank area. How can I achieve that same result?

    I apologize if I am not understanding what you mean by adding contents above the sidebar. The content I want there is the continuation of the Featured products, and soon to follow best selling products, etc.

    Thank you again for your help!


    Hi There,

    So you mean you want the 1 column layout.

    Go to Backend > Cms > Pages

    Select the “home” identifier edit that page

    Click on its Design Tab and select “1 column” there should be “2columns Right” previously.




    Perfect, thanks so much!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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