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    Hi, I would like to have an experiment on my store and temporarily remove the best sellers slider form the home page.

    Where can I find the file containing slider instructions to modify?

    Really thank you!


    To remove slider you need to remove it from the local.xml file.
    or just to remove products from slider select “No” in the options of product “Is Bestseller?”.



    hi there accessshop team … can you explain more about what lines i need to remove or comment to hide the
    Bestseller slider from home page …

    or where can i fix the movil view?? all the images look very bad and slider don’t work properly!!!


    Hi There,

    There must not be such issues regarding mobile views, those seems good here.
    Please mention where it’s causing proble we’d be glad to help you fix it.

    If remove then check on local.xml file and find the best seller and remove the block tag containing it.




    hi 🙂 …

    look here in your demo shop … when you resize the windows like a mobile … the featured products .. and the bestsellers items overlaping and look very bad …

    theme error

    look here … that images are in your demo shop … and the same problem in my theme…


    This is not fluid responsive so it is being displayed like this i.e you first load on large screen and then just contract it.

    If you load in small screen directly then those are fine. i.e contract your screen then reload the page.
    Because on mobiles you dont have large screen so when you load it at first only it will be fine.
    Try checking on device directly.




    and you can tell me where is the javascript of this slider ?

    i looking in code and this is Wow Slider but where can i find the CSS files and javascript files of this carousel?


    This is the js:
    and is embedded with bootstrap.



    hi there again AccessShop team …

    i look the file but i can not see the trigger js like this

    <script type="text/javascript">
    	$(document).ready(function() {

    i want to put custom options .. but i cant find where is this trigger to make the carousel start …

    can you help me with more info about where is this code or how this carousel starts? 🙂

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    Hi There,


    Here is the code:

    //Main Banner Slider
        var options = {
            nextButton: true,
            prevButton: true,
            pagination: true,
            animateStartingFrameIn: true,
            autoPlay: true,
            autoPlayDelay: 3000,
            preloader: true,
            preloadTheseFrames: [1],
            preloadTheseImages: [
        var mySequence = $("#sequence").sequence(options).data("sequence");
            var wid = $('.col-main').width();
            if(wid>=1200){var minslides = 5;}else if(wid>850 && wid<1200){var minslides = 4;}else{var minslides = 1;}
                responsive: true,
                width: '100%',
                height: 380,
                scroll: {
                    items: 1,
                    fx: 'scroll',
                    easing: 'cubic'
                prev: $(el).data('carouselPrev'),
                next: $(el).data('carouselNext'),
                items: {
                    //  width: 400,
                    //  height: '30%',  //  optionally resize item-height
                    visible: {
                        min: minslides,
                        max: 5
                swipe: {
                    onTouch: true,
                    onMouse: true




    exelent 🙂 thanks a lot … i solve the responsive thing!!!!

    i will make a new POST with the respective title 🙂

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