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How to add a extra field in registration page

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    Hi there AccessShop team … 😀

    i need to add a Nickname field in registration page but when i edit my file register.phtml
    in app/design/frontend/accessshop/default/template/customer/form nothing happends!!!

    i have a B2B forced login extension … this can make a copy or something to change my register and login files?


    Yes if you are using extensions then they will overrite the theme login files.

    THere are setting for fields In Backend >system > Configuration > Customer. Check there



    yeah .. i look right there but there’s nothing about some lock in registration files …

    when i add some things in other files … all changes are very fast … but in login .. and register nothing happends

    other thing what can i do for solve this problem?



    i unistall this plugin .. clean all my caches … reindex …

    and the same problem!!! ….


    Try making changes on the register file on this folder:




    thanks a lot for help 🙂
    thats the file!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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