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inline translation and others custom request

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    I buy the Pro version after try the Lite one.
    The differences are very effective, great works 🙂

    I have 2 problems occurs I found that break my customize advance in my e-commerce project.
    And 1 request of custom extension.

    So it still I have a difficulty to translate the original Pro locale, to French locale langage, so i can bring for customer to choose between -for the moment- two different langages.
    It seems the inline translation from Lite version disepear.
    I browse the files of the Pro version, and find a file that provide from Lite version, but i can’t find the way out to made inline translation.
    That’s my first problem.

    I only use the 2 columns left as layer, because it a design I choose.
    And guess what I can’t do -second problem-, I can’t from the backend find the way out to customize that *.jpg image file -without rename it and upload with new one with same image file name- on left or both left/right side.
    So my question is : how can custom that static blocks? And then do wathever as promotioanl instead of create widget and link it into new static block and merge it on left/right side blocks.
    Because that the only solution I have find for promotional ads visible on left static block.

    end part of what are break my custom e-commerce, that it’s my own circumstance

    This part is a request for a custom extension for AccessShop Pro Theme Fully Responsive.
    I need a full color and pattern and body size swatcher.
    I found some but what I need never been release out on the market I browser, and after been hacked from official magento extionsion website, I avoid to Download further from there.

    (that was appear earlier in the night when I’m browsing that website in need of free swatcher and other relative extension for my custom website).

    I will try to explain clearly what I need exactly there or maybe must I send an ticket to support email team?

    end part of what I need as custom extension for AccessShop Pro

    The only thing I touch is a simple line (I was put/replace color in *.css or *.pthml files, don’t remember) from source code to change the default white color of menu navigation horizontal bar.

    Ocxyde999 wish you best regards.




    My apologize I just find the backend option for inline translation.

    Best regards.



    We shall shorlty get back to you with extension thing.

    Meanwhile if you have any problem with other parts in the website, please write back we shall surely help you out.

    (We are sorry for late response.)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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