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    Is it possible to change the location of the search bar so it is level with the bottom of my logo. Here is an image of it now:

    Search Bar

    I have not changed the location of it with html just edited with paint to show you how I would like it. How I would like it to look (PAINT used):

    New Search Bar

    URL of website:


    It will need css tweak. I will check and help you on this.



    Thank you! I have the premium theme now so it may be a different location



    I have added a welcome message and i think it looks good now. However, the red search box is not in line with the long box (it is fine in the lite theme). I am not sure on the code on how to edit it.

    Search Bar

    As you can see where the arrow is pointing, there seems to be a few pixels in height difference. Also note this exists when there is no welcome message.



    HI There,

    Yes the vertical alignment was meant to be managed with welcome message.
    For that button pixels different issue.
    Please add this in your css file:

    .searchbtn {
        margin-top: 3px;




    Hi Guys,

    Could you please guide me about the size and the file extension should be used for logo like jpg / png or gif.

    I have tried to upload the logo several times but every time it covers 35% area of my website. It’s not appearing properly.

    Could you please help.

    My website is:



    Try maintaining the same height and more width logo.
    That will fit.
    It looks okay as of now also.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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