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remove/disable layered navigation left sidebar.

Home Support Free Theme: Access Shop remove/disable layered navigation left sidebar.

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    I have no need for any kind of navigation on the left hand-side. I’ve tried many things written on how to remove this and none have worked… I want the entire thing gone, especially the woman and her 35% off shoes! 🙂

    Anyone done this successfully?



    Go to your backend and CMS > Pages
    Find your homepage and edit it.
    On Display > Layout = Select “1 Column”

    And for category page.
    Also there is option to select the layout “1Column”




    Thanks for replying. I already had the home page set to 1 column. I have no Category page in my CMS though..

    Here are the pages under CMS/Pages

    CMS Pages



    pic didn’t work..


    In 1 column layout the sidebar do not appear on its own.
    Please re-check your settings.
    Try clearing your cache from System > Cache Management
    Re-Index from System > Index Management.




    to clairfy. On my home page the sidebar is disabled, yes. But in my categories it’s still there. You mentioned to edit my category page to 1 column (like the home page), but under CMS there is no ‘category’ page. I’m flushing caches/indexes all the time so it’s not that..

    Happy to provide a temp login/password



    Ok. I understand category page you must have meant under ‘manage categories’ (not in CMS pages) and it’s under custom design. So if anyone else is interested…

    Go to Manage Categories.

    Select your category.

    Click the tab ‘Custom Design’

    Change ‘Page Layout’ to 1 Column.

    Obviously repeat for every category.

    Now if anybody knows how to remove the phone number and email at the top left that’d be great?!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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